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    October 5th, 2009, a professional Website designing company based in the capital city of India that offers various services for website designing from a static website to CMS driven website to any open source website development to complete e-commerce site to travel portal. Web Design India have vast experience in creating web portals for its clients from across the globe and provides a unique way of web design which creates a niche in the market.
    Website Design India follows certain  basic  principles  upon  which  every  successful  website  must  be  built,  certain invariable elements which it must contain.  If it is to take the place of a salesman and do what a good salesman would do, it must follow a line of procedure in making a written sale just as a salesman does in making a verbal one. It must win for itself an audience and  follow the steps  of  the  sale exactly as the salesman  does  when  he  talks  face  to  face  with  his  prospect,  leading  him gradually,  tactfully through certain definite processes up to the desired action. We are also providing Internet Marketing India
    For  this  reason  every  design  architecture  and  sentence  that  goes  into  your  website  should  have  a reason  for  being  there.  The  sole  reason  is  to  get  action  and  non-essentials  simply  detract  from  its directness. Your prospect has no time to mess with them. It is the easiest thing in the world to develop a website that goes rambling from one topic to another without getting anywhere in particular.

    But good website design has a definite end in mind. Consider now the good website. It must proceed through certain steps. It must be based logically upon the principles of salesmanship. It must contain:

    •    The opening wins the visitor’s attention and prompts him to go farther into the site.
    •    Description & explanation, gains his interest by picturing the proposition in his mind.
    •    Argument or proof creates a desire for your product/service, showing the value and advantages.
    •    Persuasion draws the visitor to your way of thinking by showing the adaptation of your product/ service to his needs and his need of it now.
    •    Inducement, gives him a particular or extra reason for acting.
    •    The climax or clincher makes it easy for the visitor to act and prompts him to do so at once. ensures these basic elements are incorporated into your website. We are “Website Designing Dot Co Dot In”  build your website with the needs of your likely prospects clearly in mind. Your website will not merely offer your products and services; it will offer a captivating experience!

    We at website designing company India, offers end to end solution to our clients from logo design to website design to graphic design to flash design including custom designs at a very affordable price.

    Unique theme web pages are liked by Google search engine and also rank fast on every search engine and we are specialized in designing and generating such quality unique web page designing that can impress the user and fulfill the all requirement of a search engine.

    Our website designer provide the attractive and dynamic web page which are useful and ready to be read by search engine that brings good ranking and also give unique site navigation so that user can easily find desired information from web pages. We are providing branding web page which contain clear photo, text, image and all type of maps like Google site map, xml etc.

    We at website design India are providing quality within budget and at low price to create your online presence.

    If you are interested with us you may check our website designing services and can check our portfolio under logo design, custom website design, and flash design.

    You may contact us at gaurav at catabatic dot co dot in.
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  • Welcome to new look of website

    July 7th, 2009

    Welcome to our new website look, we had worked on our new look from last of couple month. We change only our looks not the work quality.